How Do I Use Knowledge Checks?

Knowledge checks helps maintain your learners’ attention by testing them on content in real-time. 

To get started with Knowledge Checks, you’ll need to be in your platform’s Material section. From here, click on an item that has been uploaded directly to your platform, such as a PDF or MP4 file. Click on the Knowledge Check tab, then on the Launch button.


Click on the Add Knowledge Check button and enter when you want the first knowledge check to trigger. Depending on whether or not the item was a video, you’ll be asked to enter either a page number or a time.


Next, you can click on the settings button in the upper-right corner to set what visual style you want for this trigger.



This is also where you can edit when the trigger happens. Once done, click Save Settings.

Each trigger can contain multiple questions, and clicking on the Add Question button will take you to the Question Builder. Enter your question at the top and use the drop-down menu to choose the format. Depending on the format chosen, the Correct Answer settings will change.


If you select Multiple Choice, you’ll see two answer options. Enter the choices in the fields and use the checkboxes to select the correct ones. You can use the Add Option button to add an option and the trash icon to remove an option. 

If True or False is selected, you just need to select whether the Learner should choose True or False.

Fill in the Blank requires you to type in what the learner should enter. If there are multiple correct responses, just separate them with a comma.

Regardless of what option you choose, you can opt to leave feedback. This is text that will be displayed near the Correct or Incorrect message, and can be used for a variety of reasons, such as expanding on the information covered in the material or providing addition examples.

Once you’re done, click on Save Question. From here, you can use the Add Question button to add another question during to this trigger, or click on All Triggers at the top of the page to go back to the Overview section.


You’ll now see your trigger listed in the Overview section, and from here, you can begin the process of adding an additional trigger or edit an existing one.

To close the Knowledge Check panel, click on the arrow in the upper-right. To open it again, click on Review all Questions at the top.

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