How do I use Cisco Webex Meetings?

Setting up Cisco Webex Meetings is easy! By following these steps, you'll be able to integrate your Cisco Webex Meetings account with your SkyPrep platform and use it to host remote training.


Initial Setup

To begin, click on Home, then Integrations.



Next, click on Add to SkyPrep in the Cisco Webex Meetings tile.



Click on Connect your Cisco Webex Meetings Account.



Next, sign in by entering your login credentials. Please keep in mind that you should be using the main Cisco Webex Meetings account for this integration. This is the account through which all of the meetings will be hosted. Additionally, you will need to be on a paid plan to use this integration.



If linked successfully, you should see your information displayed on the next page.



Creating a Cisco Webex Meeting

To create a meeting, click on Teaching, then on Courses, and finally click on the course that you want to add a meeting to.



In the Course Content tab, click on the Add Items to This Course drop-down menu and select Add Webinar.



Fill in the form that appears, and make sure that Cisco Webex Meetings is selected under Webinar Tool. Click Proceed to Adding Timeslots once you're done.


In the next pop-up, you will be creating the first time slot.


Timeslot Description: Use this field to provide information to your users about the time slot.

LocationUse this field to include any location-related information.

Start/End Date and Time: These two fields determine when the time slot begins and finishes. Clicking on these fields will open a calendar widget that allows for easy date and time selection. 

Time Zone: The time zone that the above date and time takes place in. Users with different time zones will have their session automatically converted to display the correct time.

Capacity: The maximum number of attendees for the time slot. Users will not be able to register if the capacity has been reached.

Primary Instructor: Use this field to enter the name of the webinar instructor(s).

Attendance Key: This will serve as the password for joining the Cisco Webex Meetings session. It is also used for learners to mark themselves as having attended the session. 

To add an additional time slot, click on Add Timeslot. This will create another slot that users can join. A user will only need to attend one in order to have the module marked as completed. If you require a user to attend multiple sessions, you will need to create multiple modules, each with their own time slot(s).

Once finished, you can click on the blue arrow (mceclip5.png) at the bottom-right and click Finish Adding Timeslots.

Alternatively, you can click on Proceed to Registering Learners to add users to the meeting. This will bring up a new pop-up that lists all of the available time slots. Click on Capacity to begin adding users.


Use the dropdown in the upper-right to select users in the course to enrol, then click on Register User. Once users have been added, you can change their Status from Pending to Absent or Present if required, and you can also Unregister them from the time slot if they were accidentally added. The Bulk Attendance drop-down will let you change the Status for all users at once.

Once finished, you can click on Back to timeslot list in the upper-left to go back to the previous page to select a different time slot. After all users have been registered, you can click on the in the upper-right of any panel to close the pop-up.


You will then see the module show up in your course's Course Modules list. 


User Registration

When a learner logs in, they will see a prompt at the top of the screen notifying them that they need to register for a session if they were not already enrolled during the webinar creation process.



After clicking on Register Now, the learner will be able to see all available time slots, together with a Register button that allows them to sign up for the session. Once they sign up, they can enter the session as an attendee by clicking on the item in the course.



Launching the Session as an Admin

To begin the session, just click on Teaching, then on Instructor-Led Training. Use the dropdown menu to choose the course that contains the Cisco Webex Meetings session you want to launch, then click on the play icon for the respective session. 

If you did not opt to allow users to join without a password, click on the button under Capacity to view the Attendance Key which acts as the password. 



Once you've clicked it, Cisco Webex Meetings should open in a new tab. Accept the prompt if required, and the session will begin.



Uninstalling your Cisco Webex Meetings Integration

To uninstall the integration through SkyPrep, click on Integrations, then on Configure.



Next, just click on Disconnect your Cisco Webex Meetings Account.



Receiving Support

If you require support, you can contact our support team Monday through Friday, from 10:00 - 6:00 EST.

To contact our support team, you can:

  1. Submit a ticket by clicking on Help Resources in the bottom-right corner of your platform and choosing the Ask Us A Question option.
  2. Send an email to
  3. Contact us via phone at 1 855 759 7737 if you are on the AdvancedPremium, or Enterprise plan. You will be prompted to enter your Support PIN which can be found by clicking on your name in the upper-right corner of the platform.

If you contact us via the first two methods, we will respond within one business day at most. However, you can expect a response within two hours under most circumstances.

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