How Do I Get Started With SkyPrep?


After you have logged in, you will be taken to your Dashboard.


  1. My Learning: Click here to return to your Dashboard.
  2. Completed Courses: Click here to navigate to the Completed Courses page where you can view all of your previously completed courses and any associated certificates of completion.
  3. Resource Center: Click here to navigate to the Resource Center where you can find available content that does not belong to any course. This only appears if an Administrator has enabled the Resource Center.
  4. Course Catalog: Click here to navigate to the Course Catalog where you can view courses that are available for self-enrollment. This only appears if an Administrator has enabled the Course Catalog.
  5. Course Tile: Click on a course tile to launch a course.
  6. Learning Path Tile: Click on a Learning Path tile to open the Learning Path. A Learning Path is a collection of multiple courses.
  7. Upcoming Courses: Displays the courses you are enrolled in that are not accessible yet, together with their requirements.
  8. View Details: This button will take you to the completed course's overview page where you can view your course completion information.
  9. CertificatesIf the completed course awarded a certificate of completion when you finished, you can view it by clicking the button.
  10. Upcoming Calendar: Any upcoming events or deadlines in SkyPrep will be shown in the calendar.
  11. My Account: Clicking on your name will allow you to access additional options.



Clicking on a Course Tile will take you to this page.


  1. Launch Course: Click this button to begin the course.
  2. Course Modules: A list of all of the items in the course. You can click on an item to open it.
  3. Course Introduction: An area where text about the course might be displayed.
  4. Course Completion Bar: A real-time representation of how much of the course you've completed.
  5. Course Admin Contact: The contact information of the course's administrator.
  6. Bulletin Board: An area where messages can be posted. This will only appear if enabled by the course administrator.



Clicking on the Launch Course button will take you to this page.


  1. Content/Start Assessment: If the item is a content piece, the item will be displayed in the center of the page. If the item is an assessment, you will see a breakdown of the assessment as well as a button to begin it.
  2. Back Button: Navigate to the previous item.
  3. Table of Contents: Click here to view a list of all of the items in the course. Clicking on an item will take you to that item.
  4. Next Button: Navigate to the next item.
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