What is a Content Creator and How Do I Add One?



A Content Creator is a user that has access to the features that allow a user to create a course, including the Materials and Assessments section. They are able to assist you with course creation and editing, while not having any other admin functions like the ability to delete courses, modify users, or access billing information.

To make a user a Content Creator, just click on the Edit button beside their name in the Users section. Change Role to Content Manager and decide whether you want them to be able to view and edit all public content

With the checkbox unchecked, the Content Manager will not have access to any existing course, nor will they have access to the AssessmentsMaterials, or Learning Paths already in the platform – they will only have access to what they create/upload themselves. 

With the checkbox checked, they will have full access to all of the Courses, Material, Assessments, and Learning Paths in your platform.



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