What Do I Need Before Contacting Support?

To ensure that you receive the best support possible, we will require some details about the issue that requires support.

Please include the following in your ticket, if applicable, or have it ready if calling the support line.

  • URL of your account (
  • The usernames of people affected, the module name(s), and the course name(s)
  • The steps that were taken when the issue occurred (the page you were on before, what you were doing, etc.)
  • Screenshots of the issue (please make sure the browser address bar is visible)
  • If the support is regarding a file, please include it as a ticket attachment or email it if using phone support
  • Any additional details such as whether this happening with multiple people and if you were able to replicate it

By Phone:

  • Support Pin
  • If phone support is required and you are on a Starter plan, we will need to confirm your identity as an admin and you will be moved up to the Advanced plan for the remainder of your month
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