Managing Course Progress

Managing Course Progress as a Group Manager 

To begin, click on My Groups after clicking on Manager in the left menu.


Next, click on the Group that you want to manage course progress for.


Find the user whose course progress you want to edit and click on their name.


Find the course that you want to edit their progress in, then click on the Edit Progress button beside it.


On the following page, you will be able to do quite a few actions which we'll break down under the following image.


  1. Used to change the user's course progress between Not StartedIn ProgressPassed, and Failed.
  2. This button will completely clear the user's course progress. This includes the items they've viewed, their assessment attempts, and their overall course progress.
  3. Use this to set a Viewed item to Not Viewed
  4. Use this to set a Not Viewed item to Viewed.
  5. This button expands an assessment to show all of the user's assessment attempts.
  6. Click this button to view the assessment attempt. You will also be able to grade the assessment from here.
  7. Use this to change the overall assessment attempt score.
  8. This button will delete the user's assessment attempt -- useful for when a user has used up all of their allowed assessment attempts. 


Managing Course Progress as a Course Manager

This is very similar to managing course progress as a Group Manager. To begin, click on My Courses after clicking on Manager in the left menu.


Next, click on the course that contains the user you want to edit.


Now, just click on the Edit Progress button beside the user you wish to edit.


You will then be taken to the same course progress page as shown in the previous section.

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