The Manager Dashboard

The Manager Dashboard is where you're taken after clicking on Manager in the left-side navigation menu. 

This page serves to give you quick, at-a-glance information about the users, courses, and/or groups that you oversee.

Let's quickly break down what's shown on the Manager Dashboard. 



1) The My Groups button will take you to a page that shows all of the user Groups that you are assigned to, allowing you to run reports, view users' progresses, and more, depending on your assigned permission level.

2) Similar to the My Groups button, the My Courses button instead takes you to a page that shows all of the Courses that you are overseeing.

3) The My ILTs button breaks down all of the Instructor Led Training sessions that are in courses that you oversee, or are assigned to the groups you manage. You are able to assign your users to time slots, as well as mark their attendance. 

4) Assessments Awaiting Grading is only used when there are assessments submitted that contain a short answer question. If there are assessments that require your attention, there will be a numbered badge showing you how many assessments there are that need grading, as shown below.

5) Upcoming Courses By: is where you'll be notified when your users have either missed a course deadline or have one approaching in the next two weeks. If you use the drop-down in the upper-right corner to change to Expiration Date instead of Deadline Date, you'll be shown users that have automatic course re-enrollment occurring within the next two weeks.

6) Similar to the previous section, the Upcoming ILT Timeslots section shows all ILT sessions coming up in the next two weeks that have users you oversee attending them, together with a button you can use to send them a message. If the ILT does not have any of your users scheduled to attend, it will not appear.

7) The Manager Calendar will show you important events coming up, and will also allow you to sync the calendar to your own personal calendar using the Sync Calendar button in the upper-right.

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