Grading Assessments

First, check to see if there are any assessments that require your attention. If there are, you will see a numbered badge above Assessments Awaiting Grading and you'll be able to click on the button to be taken to this page:


On this page, you'll see a list that breaks down all of the assessments that require attention, together with the name of the user that submitted it and the day they submitted the assessment on. To begin the marking process, just click on the name of one of the assessments. You will then be taken to this page:


1) If you click on the Show only questions needing manual grading button, all of the non-short-answer questions will be hidden, allowing you to quickly navigate through the questions that require your attention.

2) The question breakdown will allow you to easily jump to a question by clicking on it in the area highlighted above.

3) You will need to enter the point value that the user scored (normally a 1 for full marks, but that can change -- look at the number of points that can be awarded in total, shown in front of Update score:), then click on the Update button to finalize the result for the question. Repeat as necessary for the remaining short answer questions.

4) Click I'm finished grading once you've graded each question, finalizing their mark and submitting it to SkyPrep.

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