What is Instructor Led Training and How Do I Use It?


Our Instructor Led Training (ILT) feature lets administrators create in-person training sessions that have a seating capacity limit and set time-slots. This feature is perfect for consolidating your online and in-person training in one central location. It allows you to schedule all of your sessions, specify the details, set capacity limits, as well as track attendance all from within your SkyPrep platform.


Using ILTs as an Admin

To get started with Instructor led Training, you will need to click on one of your courses and navigate to the Course Content tab. Click on the Add Items to This Course drop-down menu and select Instructor Led Training.



This will bring up a form where you can fill in the information for your ILT session. 

General Fields

Name: This is the name of the ILT session.

Description: Use this field to quickly describe the purpose of the ILT, as well as list any other relevant information.

Time slot-specific Fields

Location: The location for this specific time slot. Could be a room number, address, or something similar.

Start/End Date and Time: Use this to specify when the ILT session will take place. 

Time Zone: Determines the timezone that is used for the times specified above.

Capacity: The maximum number of users that are allowed to register for the session.

Primary Instructor: The name of the person that is leading the ILT session.


You can add additional time slots for an ILT session by clicking Add Another Timeslot, useful when you have several locations/times for the same ILT. This allows you to easily keep track of your ILT sessions without having to create multiple items for the same subject.

Once finished, click on Save.


You will then see the ILT show up in your course's Course Modules list.



Clicking on the ILT will bring up a summary of the time slots, allowing you to see the sessions that have yet to happen, as well as sessions that have finished. You can switch between the two using the tabs found at the top.


If you wish to see all of your ILTs, you can click on Teaching, then on Instructor Led Training.


This will bring you to a page where you can use the Please select a course drop-down to move between courses that contain an ILT session, the AllPassed, and Upcoming buttons to display sessions according to whether they have been completed for the chosen course, as well as the View Upcoming ILTs button to see all upcoming sessions for every course.


Selecting a course will bring up the available time slots. Clicking on Edit will let you modify the Name and Description of the ILT itself and delete the entire session, while the buttons below Capacity and Edit will let you modify and delete the individual time slots.


Clicking the Capacity field for a time slot will show a list of all registered users, with the option to Unregister them, as well as change their statuses between PendingAttended, and Absent.

Clicking on Bulk attendance will allow you to change the attendance status of all users simultaneously. 

The Register user to time slot button will allow you to choose users who are enrolled in the course and add them to the time slot.

The Attendance Key is what your users will need in order to mark themselves as having attended the session.


Clicking on the Edit icon beside Capacity will allow you to edit the time slot information, as well as delete it.



Using ILTs as a Learner

When a user is enrolled in a course that has an ILT session, they will see a button upon login that prompts them to sign up for a time slot.


Clicking on the button will bring up a page where all the time slots are displayed, together with a button that will allow the user to sign up. The user can switch between courses using the tabs found at the top of the page.


When it is time for the session to begin, they will be able to mark themselves as present by clicking on the ILT session in the course and entering the Attendance Key.


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