Can I make my learners confirm/sign something in a course?


Yup! And it's actually very simple!

To add a confirmation step, simply navigate to the course you want to add it to and click on the Materials & Assessments tab. From there, use the the Add Items to This Course menu to select Signature/Confirmation.


You have three options: SignatureCheckbox, or Password. Simply choose the method of agreement that you want your learners to use, and fill in the Name and Description fields. 


The Signature option will present your learners with a field that they must sign in, using their mouse.


The Checkbox option will require your learners to tick a checkbox in order to continue.


And the Password option will require your learners to enter their login information.



You can view the completion of the confirmation steps by navigating to the Users & Groups tab of the course and clicking on the Course Details of a user. 


You will then be able to see whether they have been successfully completed, and if the confirmation step required a signature, you will be able to view it by clicking View Signature at the far right.






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