How can I see how much time a learner has spent in a course or on a module?

You will need to click on Reporting, then on Report Builder

Next, select Course Report → Summary of a Course → (Choose a Course) → Summary of This Course → Run Report. You will then see the total amount of time the a learner has spent in the course under column K.

For a more granular overview of a learner's time spent, change the options to Course → Summary of a Course → (Choose a Course) → Summary of a User in This Course → (Choose a User) → Run Report. This will break down the time spent, module by module.

You can get the same report by choosing User Report → Summary of a User → (Choose a User) → Summary of This User in a Course → (Choose a Course) → Run Report.


If you prefer a more visual report, you can click on Reporting, then on Visual Reports. From there, click on Courses.


You can use the drop-down menu to choose which course you would like to run a report on.

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