Can I sync my SkyPrep calendar with my calendar application?

If you want to sync your calendar with SkyPrep and you are an Admin, you will first need to navigate to the Learner interface using the drop-down toggle in the sidebar. If you are a learner, you are already in the Learner interface.

Click on the Calendar icon in the top right.


Next, hit the Sync Calendar button at the top left.


When the dialogue box pops up, hit Launch Application. This dialogue may appear differently depending on what browser you are currently using. The browser used for this screenshot was Google Chrome. 



You may be asked to choose an application if you haven't already chosen a default calendar to use. Once you've chosen the application, hit OK. Again, this view might be different depending on the internet browser being used. If you already have a default calendar application chosen, you can skip this step.


Once selected, your calendar application will open and ask you to confirm the sync. Microsoft Outlook is being used in this example.



After you accept the prompt, your calendar will automatically import your SkyPrep calendar and update it as required.



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