What are user roles?

There are three different user roles: AdminManager, and Learner

  • Admin: The user role that has the most permissions. Administrators have complete control over the platform. They can add and remove users, material and assessments, edit user information, change learner grades, disable logins, create courses, view reports, and much more. Given how much power an admin has over a platform, it is extremely important that you only give admin privileges to people who you trust.
  • Manager (Advanced, Premium, Enterprise): Managers are people who have been tasked to a specific group of learners or courses. Depending on the permissions assigned to the Manager, they can generate reports, add users to their groups and courses, as well as manage the course progress of their users.
  • Learner: The role with the least amount of permissions. They can only do the most basic of functions - access courses and the content you make available in the resource center.
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