How do I create subplatforms?

To enable subplatforms, you will need to be on an Enterprise plan and send us a message by clicking on Help Resources at the bottom of the page, followed by Send us a Message. Just let us know that you want us to enable the feature for you! Just keep in mind that there is an additional monthly cost for subplatforms. 

To begin, click on Customization and navigate to the Subplatform tab. Enter the URL for the subplatform. It will be where something is what you enter in the field.

Subplatforms support custom domains as well, but that will need to be set up after their creation with a domain.

After you're done that, click Add Subplatform


You'll then be able to use your subplatform. A subplatform is completely empty upon creation, so you can use it for scenarios where you need multi-branding, separate training environments with their own set of users, external training where you have multiple clients, or need to support different departments or locations, among other things.

To access your subplatforms, all you have to do is click on the one that you want to access from within the dashboard. As long as you are an admin on the current platform as well as the subplatform, you'll only need to sign into the main platform to access any subplatforms.


The subplatform feature only becomes available as an option on our Enterprise Plan. For any subplatform that you link to your main SkyPrep platform, however, there will also be a fixed monthly charge that adds onto the regular Enterprise rate. 

You can always contact someone from our Sales Department at 1-855-759-7737 if you are looking to enquire about our subplatform feature. 

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