Can I sell courses on my own website?

Of course! First, you'll need to set up a payment method. To do this, click on Home, then Customization, then navigate to Sell Settings. From there, choose either Stripe or Paypal and enter the information.


Next, head over to the course that you want to sell.


Click on the Sell Settings tab and click the box beside Is this course available to be purchased? You will then be able to specify the price of the course, how long a user has access to the course after paying, as well as the tax rate. You can use the embed code to iframe the registration form in your website or use the link to direct users directly to the form.


Here is what it will look like on your website.


After entering the relevant information, the learner will then be redirected to the merchant that you chose earlier (either PayPal or Stripe) to complete payment. Once the payment has gone through, the learner will have full access to the course that they paid for.

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