New Interface Changes

We're happy to announce the official start of our interface overhaul. Big improvements are on the horizon, but we couldn't wait to give you a little taste of what SkyPrep will be like. 

Here are a list of the changes that were made.


Course Page

The course page has been updated with a different course tile look, as well as the addition of a tab system to separate your Active and Inactive courses. 



Course General Settings

We've made a change to the General Settings tab of courses. The overall look has changed, and you may notice that several items have changed their position on the screen, including the Active Course/Inactive Course toggle which has found its way to the top of the list.



Course Unenrollment

Prior to this update, if a user was registered to a course via a Group and/or a Learning Path, you would not be able to unenroll the user from the course user list. We've added a new feature that will check to see which Group/Learning Path the user is enrolled through and it will give you the ability to remove them, all from the Course User List. Keep in mind that if you remove a user from a Group/Learning Path, they will lose access to all of the courses that the Group/Learning Path contains.



User Enrollment

When adding users to a course, Group, or Learning Path, you'll notice a new interface. While you still click on the names of users you want to add, we've made it easier to keep track of the people who have been added, as well as given you the option to quickly remove someone from the enrollment queue.



Deleting Users

We've moved the delete user button to their profile. You can quickly access it by clicking on their name in the Users list, then on the Edit User button. The Delete User button will be in the upper-right corner.


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