What New Features are Available on the 2016 Plans?

If you are currently on the StandardProBusiness, or old Enterprise plans, you will not have access to our newest features, some of which are highlighted below:


Advanced Manager Permissions

Added additional functionality to Managers. Managers can now be assigned permissions, allowing them to grade assessments, edit course progress for users, enroll users into groups and courses, receive email notifications regarding their users, as well as view reports.



Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led Training allows you to create an ILT session with multiple time slots, each with their own location, time, instructor, and attendee limit.



Reports in Native Excel Format

Instead of downloading your reports in CSV format, you can opt to download them as an XLSX, allowing you to access many additional features when opened with Excel.



Welcome Screens

Welcome Screens allow you to create a slideshow that is displayed to your users upon login. You can customize the text that is shown, as well as add any of your existing content.



Course Signature Collection

This new module will allow you to choose whether a user needs to draw their signature, enter their password, or check a confirmation box, perfect for when you need your learners to confirm something.



Existing Course Certificate Uploads

If users have already completed a certification course outside of SkyPrep, you can add the certificate to their profile and specify whether it counts towards completion of a course that you offer.



Admin & Manager Upcoming Deadlines

Admins and managers have a new area in their dashboard that shows them when a user is approaching their course deadline. They can click on the notification to easily compose a message that will be sent to the users with an approaching deadline, making course reminders easy.

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