What Are User Managers, and How Do I Assign Them?


User Managers are Managers that can manage all of a user's enrolled courses and not just the courses that are assigned to their groups.

To create a Manager, you will need to first create a group and add the users you want the Manager to be able to oversee, then assign a Manager to the group. Next, edit the permissions of the Manager so that it looks like this:


* Only the last option is mandatory. If you only want them to be able to run reports on the users and not be able to edit their progress, do not check the third option.



When the Manager logs into their account, they will need to click on Manager, then on My Groups



Next, they will need to click on the Group that they were set to manage.



In the list of users, they will need to click on the one that they want to manage.



They will then see the list of courses that the user is enrolled in, as well as buttons to edit their course progress (if the third option was enabled in the first step), and download the course report.



The Manager's progress page is the same as the Admin's progress page.



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