How do I use your API for SSO?

Note: We provide basic support for SSO through these articles, but we are unable to offer any further assistance regarding the initial setup on your end. If there are errors, debug logs will need to be provided before we are able to assist.



SkyPrep also allows single-sign on using the API.

You can make an API call to /get_login_key with the corresponding user information, and the API will return a link that you can use to log-in the user.


The general flow is:

Your app ➝ Request to SkyPrep API ➝ returns Link ➝ embed in website ➝ user clicks/follows redirect


The SSO API call has a few options. You can either use daily login links (which work for the entire day, UTC time), time expiring links (so the link expires at a certain date/time) or one time use links (that expire as soon as they are used).

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